T 23

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This is some pictures that was taken for the insurance company in 1998.This toy was bought in 1998 already registered 
and in the winter the engine got some attention.

A Chevy 355 with forged TRW pistons 10,5/1 , Competition Cams 292h cam (244 deg 0,050), ported Corvette heads,
Edelbrook tunnel ram with Holley's , Fluid damper , MSD 6AL ignition  , BM 3000 rpm converter ,
and some other little nice things in the engine to make it to move that heavy car a little faster
(2075 pounds with driver and all fluids maybe even some beer for the driver).


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Above some pictures from the summer in 1999.                                                                                    
In the winter it will have a new leather interior , aluminum floor and a limited slip differential (slippery asphalt).

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Above some pictures from the summer in 2K. I have also made some small rear fenders in glass fiber to please the police.
I believed that a limited slip differential would help me to get some traction. Ok some but only at over 90 mph.
Next step is better tires.